Ton Pret “Killing heels James Bond art edition” in the Rotterdam museum De Kunsthal.

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The now controversial “Killing heels James Bond art edition” by Ton Pret was part of the exhibition S.H.O.E.S in 2014, at the well-known Rotterdam museum De Kunsthal. This exhibition has everything to do with the design of the shoes by famous designers and the art editions of pioneering artists.

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Object Ton Pret at Moscow Design Week.

Object Ton Pret at Moscow Design Week.

Ton Pret was asked by the great designer Alessandro Guerriero, for an exhibition at the Moscow Design Week 2018. Ton is not only an artist painter, but he also did some very nice design. He was very honored they asked him, because now he was amongst some real big designers like the aforementiond designer Alessandro Guerriero, Alessandro Mendini (RIP), Michelle de Lucchi, Umberto Palermo, Antonio Perotti etc.

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