Corporate art & product development

Corporate art

Ton Pret will create an unique painting specially for your company. Based on a subject or a theme of your choosing. A great art piece for the entrance hall of your building or for the boardroom.

We can also produce a special line of silkscreens out of your official business painting. This way you can reward your employees or use the silkscreens as a premium gift to special clients. All silkscreens come with a certificate of authentication and signature of Ton Pret. 

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Product development

Ferrari Art Car, Louis Vuitton Art Bags, Michael Kors Art Bags, Armani Art Shoes, Greve Art shoes, Van den Assem bags and shoes, Librije Art shoes, Cravt Originals Design Art chair, Comello chairs, Philippe Stark Art edition charis, Bart Bakx Kitchen design, NIKE , All Stars Art sneakers  and much more..


Other opportunities

Ton Pret works with companies, governments, nonprofits and other organizations to promote or facilitate both interests. Our partners contribute their network, ideas, products and more to help building a stronger brand and promote Ton Pret art.

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Interested in corporate art or product development?