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Danubiana museum: Sometimes Dreams come true
Danubiana museum
Sometimes dreams come true. Ton Pret’s solo exhibition in the impressive Danubiana museum in Bratislava, would take place from May 12 to June 21, 2020. Unfortunately, due to the COVID19 crisis, the exhibition has now been moved to a date yet to be determined. We hope to provide you with new information soon, but the dream will definitely come true.
Ton Pret style : colorful realism of a different reality, with a strong positive effect

Ton Pret is a painter artist with a very personal style, characterized by a very bold use of colour, incredibly imaginative figures and an explosion of spontaneity, passion and positivity. Influential people in the world of art describe the style of Ton Pret as “exponent of Cobra, 21 century edition.” Whatever you call it, it is clearly his own “Ton Pret Style”. The style of Ton Pret is best described as “colorful realism of a different reality”. With his work he wants to bring out the positive in you, by taking you to another reality of his imagination.

Although as a child Ton drew a lot, molded and did other forms of creativity, it took many years before he decided to become a painter artist. From one day to another, he knocked over the helm and has followed his heart. He also had no artistic training, but is a pure autodidact who totally isn’t guided by rules or tendencies, but only follows his inexhaustible fantasy. The paintings of Ton are his transformation of the real world, into another reality: the reality of his imagination. Thanks to his paintings, he gives the viewer the opportunity to share this other reality. The viewer is token to another dimension and experience, which gives a certain feeling of  happiness.

In a very short time, Ton became well known in the world of art and his work was also seen in the famous Amsterdam Beurs van Berlage, the Fortezza da Basso in Florence, the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, The Louvre museum in Paris, the Kunsthal museum in Rotterdam, the Triennale di Milano Design museum, the Super Studio of the Milan Design Week and in 2020 a solo exhibition in the wonderful Danubiana museum in Bratislava. Not only his paintings and sculptures are sought after by collectors, art lovers and enthusiasts, but also his famous art shoes, jeans, jackets, watches etc have become true collector items. Ton designed special art shoes for Dutch exclusive shoe brands Greve and Van den Assem  and also high heels for the catwalk in Paris. Even the Dutch Shoes Museum added some art high heels to their collection and his art edition of the Michael Kors handbag, is added to the collection of the Dutch Museum of Bags & Purses in Amsterdam. His art edition All Stars sneakers, are highly apprecitated by many.

 Among his clients are well known collectors and celebrities, who also appreciate his work and even one of them let Ton painted his Ferrari 355 GTS in a real piece of fast driving artwork. Ton also did some furniture design and some really serious designers/architects like Alessandro Mendini and Alessandro Guerriero (designers of Groninger museum) were impressed and wanted to collaborate with him. Other special pieces of art design, are a real Fender Stratocaster in collaboration with the famous French guitaris Jean-Pierre Danel, Brian May (QUEEN),  Steve Lukather (TOTO), Hank Marvin (SHADOWS) and French superstar Jean-Jacques Goldman. Also he did some art editions of the famous Philippe Starck chairs, art edition of an Italian design bike, very special art edition glasses and sunglasses, art edition bath tubes, art edition kitchen and many more. In 2020 some very special NIKE based art balls will see the light and lot more to come.

Two exhibitions during the LUCI D'ARTISTA 2019/2020

Ton Pret artist highlights

Gerard Meulensteen with the painting "Follow your dream"

Ton Pret has made an unique painting in commission, for the permanent collection of the prestigious Danubiana museum in Bratislava. Soon more information about his exhibition, so stay tuned.

Photo: Gerard Meulensteen, founder of the Danubiana museum, with the painting “Follow your dream”

Double exhibition Ton Pret in Salerno

During the “LUCI D’ARTISTA 2019/2020”, a great event with more than 2 million visitors. The exhibitions will take place from November 28 till December 30 at the famous Teatro Delle Arti and beautiful Villa Cararra.

The exhibitions are organized by the city of Salerno with art director Antonio Perotti.

Exhibition la triennale di Milano 2018

The world-famous designer Alessandro Guerriero – founder of the Milan design avandgarde Alchemia – asked Ton Pret to make a design of the human being. Ton has opted for “power through simplicity” and used waste materials such as wood, metal and old construction toys. They found the result so successful in Milan that Ton was asked to included his design in the exhibition of the impressive “La Triennale di Milano”, the design museum of Italy.

Ton’s design stands between the designs of great designers such as Alessandro Guerriero, Alessandro Mendini, Michelle de Lucchi, Antonio Perotti and many other designers with a great track record. It is understandable that Ton is very honored and super happy. On photo 1 Alessandro Guerriero with the design and on photo 2 Ton himself with his creation.

Spoleto Art Festival award 2017

From 22-09-2017 until 25-09-2017, the famous Spoleto Art Festival occurred in the beautiful, cultural, Italian city of Spoleto. Next to his exhibition, artist Ton Pret is awarded, at this grand art festival, with an international award.

Ton Pret is very honored, but is also very honored that the organization chose to use his painting on posters, bills and catalog.

Ton Pret exhibition: Pop Art Sylt

An exhibition “POP ART SYLT”, which is held on the beautiful German island of Sylt; also known as the Hamptons of Germany. The major part of the “Neue Bootshalle” will be filled with the artwork of Ton Pret.


From June 14 / June 29 2017
Neue Bootshalle, Am Hafen, List auf Sylt info :

More news about Ton Pret

Work by Ton Pret in the Paris Louvre museum

Ton Pret was asked in 2011 to be part of the Dutch delegation that represents the Netherlands for the first time at the exhibition in the famous Louvre museum in Paris. The exhibition was a great success for Ton Pret in several respects, not only was his work sold but he also received new commissions and his art was in the spotlight, during the visit of the Dutch ambassador in France, Hugo Siblesz;  supplemented by a delegation of the Wereldomroep.

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Ton Pret at Museum Turin

Ton Pret at Museum Turin

On July 2 there was the unveiling of the Mole Urbana city car by great designer Umberto Palermo. Ton Pret and 15 artists/designers were asked for an artist edition and exhibition in the Museo Nazionale Dell’ Automobile di Torino. The exhibition of these 16 art works and the Mole Urbana will end on October 30.

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Object Ton Pret at Moscow Design Week.

Object Ton Pret at Moscow Design Week.

Ton Pret was asked by the great designer Alessandro Guerriero, for an exhibition at the Moscow Design Week 2018. Ton is not only an artist painter, but he also did some very nice design. He was very honored they asked him, because now he was amongst some real big designers like the aforementiond designer Alessandro Guerriero, Alessandro Mendini (RIP), Michelle de Lucchi, Umberto Palermo, Antonio Perotti etc.

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Ton Pret art shoes for the famous master chef Jonnie Boer.

Ton Pret art shoes for the famous master chef Jonnie Boer.

Ton Pret was asked to create some very special art shoes for the famous master chef Jonnie Boer, who is the big boss of 3 Michelin star restaurant De Librije. This was not an easy job. Although Jonnie Boer is a very kind man, he is a demanding man who only goes for the best. But Ton managed to make Jonnie happy and not only his spices are shown in the shoes, but also his passion for Porsche and Harley Davidson.

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Ton Pret art edition for Dutch brand GREVE shoes.

Ton Pret art edition for Dutch brand GREVE shoes.

The well known shoe brand Greve shoes, asked Ton Pret to create some different art editions of their shoes. Ton created different pairs of art shoes in blue, black and yellow. The shoes were used for exhibitions and marketing purposes to underline Greve’s challenges.

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